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Hey Teenagers!
Fun and Food with Friends!

Dress up as a Lumber Jack or Jill
in your favorite
flannel shirt and jeans,
then come have some great fun
with your friends!


Enjoy great-tasting Flapjacks, 
and Lumberjack Cocoa Lager!

  1. Flapjack Eating Contest

  2. Gift Card Sawdust Searches

  3. Best-Dressed Lumber Jack and Lumber Jill Contest

  4. Fire Building Contest

  5. Strongman Hammer Competition

  6. Lumberjack Jenga

Lumberjack Competition

Teams of two
will compete in five events
to claim the incredible title,
"Lumberjacks of the Year",
and win the cash pot!


$5 team entry fee

Pick a friend and compete
in the
Lumberjack Competition 

  1. Axe Throw

  2. Crosscut

  3. Log Throw

  4. Pulp Toss

  5. Log Splitting

To compete in the Lumberjack Competition all team members must have a parent/guardian sign the following waiver.

Download here.

If you are not participating in the Lumberjack Competition portion, no waiver is needed.

Carnival Games

Play great carnival games
and win prizes and candy!

  1. Sling Shot Can Shoot Out

  2. Balloon Darts

  3. Ring the Bottle

  4. Duck Match

  5. Milk Jug Knock Down

  6. Ping Pong Toss

  7. Football Throw

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