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The Forge

Our Men's Fellowship, The Forge, focuses on instilling responsible leadership in men. We exercise both our bodies and our minds by obtaining practical skills and learning how to use them to further His Kingdom.

Healthy Living for Jesus

In our Women's Fellowship, Healthy Living for Jesus,  women are equipped for growing in godliness. This group encourages women with resources, exercise, and prayer. Find renewed joy in Christ with us.

Church Hikes

Nature is one of our greatest blessings, especially for us in the valley. Our hikes rekindle our love for God's creation and His goodness to us. Church hikes are on the second Saturday of each month from 1-3 pm.

Trail Life

We promote the importance of young men becoming adventurous leaders of godly character. Fathers and sons strengthen their relationships together at Trail Life. We meet on Thursday evenings at 7 pm.

Youth Group

Our Youth Group brings the teens of our church together. We enjoy games, bonfires, and insightful conversations, while ultimately focusing on our growth in Christ as we study a book of the Bible.


Live Nativity

The Live Nativity is an impactful, outdoor journey through the true Christmas story, featuring Isaiah the Prophet, Roman Guards, and the Christ Child. Beginning again in winter of 2023.

Soccer and Arts Camp

Our annual Soccer and Arts Camp provides a safe, fun environment for kids to learn. We emphasize the importance of hard work and dedication while focusing on Christ as our ultimate example.

Prayer Group

As believers, we are called to support one another as our brothers and sisters in Christ. Join with us in our Prayer Group. Send your prayer requests to

Peace in the Valley

Monday evenings at 7pm, we host Peace in the Valley, a recovery group for those who struggle with addiction. Please join with us at this weekly gathering.

Cooking Ministry

Our church is committed to aiding our church family and community. The Cooking Ministry reaches out to those who need a helping hand with meals during times of recovery and healing. Come and serve with us.


Biblical Counseling

We strive to be a church that understands and internalizes the scriptures. This class prioritizes our ability to share those scriptures effectively with others. Equip yourself through our Biblical Counseling class every Sunday before service and every other Wednesday evening.

Adult Bible Classes

Biblical truths are the bedrock of the Christian life. Our Adult Bible class arms our church body with values and reasons for why we believe what we believe. Join us Sunday at 9:30am before service.

Youth Bible Class

Teens in grades 7-12 are invited to attend our Youth Bible Class where we learn the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Sunday at 9:30 before service.

Children's Bible Class

Our children are the future hearts and minds of our church community. We want our children to have deep roots in biblical truths and principles. This class is geared toward kindergarten and elementary-age kids. Sunday at 9:30 before service.

Family Room

Families are central to the strength of the church. We have a dedicated Family Room, filled with toys, supplies, and seating. Feel free to use our Family Room to participate in our televised worship service in a kid-friendly environment.